Summer is Coming…

With year two of this Illustration course very nearly over, its time for me to start planning what I’m going to be doing during the summer break (excluding of course the obvious over consumption of fried breakfasts and ice cream).

The main things I want to do with my summer are promotion and personal practice. I’ve been gradually adding to and updating my online presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pintrest, Behance and this blog. I plan to update these more and more, get larger followings and more promotion up and running! To make it easier for myself, I’ve made a list to tick off over the summer:


  • Continued updates on social media platforms
  • Launch a competition on my Facebook page with small postcard paintings as prizes 
  • Construct and launch an own-domain website/portfolio
  • Email more illustrators/artists/agencies with questions 
  • Make a blog post & upload PDF of industry report for all to read
  • Use Kung-Fu as life drawing classes again
  • Do more people/field/location studies 
  • Make a blog post every day! 
  • Make art every day!
  • Earn a bit of money from what I do


Hopefully I should be able to do some, if not all, of these points. Definitely feel like I should be entering the third and final year of this degree with experience, promotion and ideas and this summer break is the ideal opportunity to do this.


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