Stew Gallery Exhibition – Final Piece

Organised by our lovely course reps, us-folk in second year illustration have taken part in a self proposed exhibition in Stew Gallery, Norwich!

The theme was focused around the idea of being in year two, so other areas popped up around that core idea; being in the middle, stuck, half way etc. The end title for the exhibition was LIMBO which went down rather well! It was open enough to give us lots of room to manoeuvre and experiment but it wasn’t too vague as to leave us floating in this weird art-student orb of confusion.

My initial idea was a market street, separated into four  slices, one of the slices being the original state of the market with bright colours, a Moroccan feel to it. But after creating the image on one piece of large paper, I felt it looked better as a whole image rather than slicing it up.

Below are images of the linework and initial stages, the masking tape is covering the area intended for colour and brighter, nicer things.

I haven’t work with detailed dip pen work for quite some time, I forgot how immersive it is to do… (my day disappeared rather quickly, needless to say)

I was very happy with this linework! As I started I doubted its potential to look like a successful, thought out and original piece, it all looked a bit cliche. But as it grew out and I added further detail, I felt happier with it. Adding the colour though really restored my faith in my idea. It tied the composition together and the perfect line created by using the masking tape gave it a strange feeling of it being chopped up, at first glance it looks as though a coloured strip has been stuck onto the illustration but at closer inspection you can see this isn’t the case. I really rather love that about it!

Below is the final piece with some detail shots:

The gouache (a medium I haven’t been using too much, but definitely will do now) worked so damn well to bring out the colours I was after. I’d usually rely on watercolour then photoshop the hell out of it to bring out the saturation that the image needed, but for the first time in a long time the original, physical image did exactly what I wanted it to do.

All in all, incredibly pleased with this final piece, might even list it for sale after the exhibition!


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