BA6 Feedback

Received my assessment feedback for BA6 and I’m happy to say I did better than for the last unit! I’m still not 100% pleased with what I’m doing but I’m definitely sure that I’m now heading in the right direction to get as good a grade as possible at the end of this three years hooha.

Here’s the written feedback from my tutor:

An exciting subject. You have explored and critically evaluated all the key principles of the unit to produce a coherent and intelligent body of well. The finished book is an excellent achievement. Linking workshops and studio reviews to your working methods to great effect. Well done.You have created several lines of enquiry but are quick to focus on the colour experiments. You have overlooked the fantastic rabbit with electrical circuit boards inky spider experiments and the cut out animals. All with huge potential, be careful not to limit your thinking for wanting to solve the problem too early. 

Highly creative collaborative task. You work well in a team and demonstrate the ability to negoitiate, plan and meet goals. Well done. Your contribution to peer reviews is also insightful and engaging. Use this experience as you move into yr 3. 

Well researched essay with excellent artist references throughout. Be careful with the notion of styles and fashions in illustration, reflect back to the Andrew Foster lecture. He emphasised the importance of the illustrators authorial voice being informed by themselves and not the industry.

Great reflective blog, excellent practice, you must keep this going for year 3 demonstrating your ability to articulate and explore the parameters of your subject. Your tumblr offers additional evidence of your greater contextual awareness in relation to your subject. Well done. Excellent anatomical research in your research file, extending your research to become more abstract, less literal.

Areas for development:  Need much more primary research. When you initially investigate a subject you must keep an open mind. More evidence of thumbnails, sketches, thinking through drawing. You changed your visual language as soon as your went onto the computer, everything got a black line around it. When working on the computer you must keep printing the work out, reflecting on the process. More dummy books, experimental tasks, keep moving your work from digital to ‘real’

You have an obvious and genuine interest in the subject (as evidenced in your blog) but it is irrelevant if not used. You need to link your learning, make connections between the contextual and your working practice. 

Zines are an interesting development for your project however more research would have informed the development. Format, paper stock, independent self publishing all need to be referenced in your PDP or research blog.

The feedback was incredibly useful and did make a lot of sense. I noticed, when looking over my work, that it does indeed lack enough primary research to fully explore the breadth of my subject. I need to look more into it before I start image generating and thinking about outcomes, its always been my issue with projects and its something I’ve been getting better at but clearly not fast enough! I need to really push myself in my third and final year to explore and experiment to within an inch of my life.

Most of the other areas of improvement mentioned seem to circle around the general idea of experimentation and prior research into my subject area. I definitely felt that I succeeded more in doing this during BA6 than BA5 as is evident from my grade increase of 5%. I think this is due to the project being a self written brief. I could choose a subject area I had a deeper interest in and thus the research and experimentation was far more fun to conduct and I got more out of it. I’m planning on channelling this more into BA7 and hopefully that’ll bump up the issues I’m having with exploration into the subject.

Although I am very happy with the comments on my reflection and blogging! I’m glad that all this effort hasn’t been futile. I do enjoy keeping blogs and my many online personalities up to date and added to. I feel like I’m keeping my work in the loop with others, ensuring I don’t fall behind others already working their way into the industry.

I’m definitely going to be enquiring about what I could be doing to bump my grade up into the 1:1 field in terms of reflection and collaboration. The feedback says it was certainly a positive area of my practice but the end numbers don’t necessarily reflect this. I’m quite sure that there’s good reason for it and I’ll make a post about it after Friday (when I have my assessment feedback).

Bring on the summer.


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