Dissertation Thoughts…

With the end of year two comes the inevitable looming worry of the year three dissertation…

BUT, with this worry also comes a sort of.. slight excitement. I’m kind of excited to have this much time, the entirety of the summer, to think about and research possible subject areas for this dissertation. Its quite a fun idea having so much time to prepare, it leaves possibilities more open for consideration, more time to think outside the box without worrying about time constraints and deadlines. I plan to look in depth into the ‘areas of improvement’ sections of my last few assessment feedbacks, most importantly my experimental and lateral thinking abilities.

The continuing pressure of deadlines suppresses any lateral thinking abilities I may have, despite my best efforts. I focus too much on the final outcome, constantly thinking of how my experimental ideas will end up and what they will lead to even though I’ve been told several times to ignore that there’s a final outcome at all. Its harder to do than it sounds…
I’m hoping that this vastly larger amount of time in the summer and leading up to year three will give me a better opportunity to think more and for longer about what I’ll be producing and briefing during next year. I’ve bought god-knows how many sketchbooks, stocked up on materials (some of which I’ve never used before, which should lead to some interesting results) and set myself up with lots of research and image hoarding through social networking sites, image boards and books to give me plenty of inspiration and drive.

My Pintrest account has proven itself to be an invaluable resource and research tool for images. I’ve been able to, essentially, bookmark pages and images I’ve found in a visual and well laid out format. The use of different boards helps me to keep things organised (I have a ‘Dissertation’ board just waiting for research items) and the drive of building a good body of work and a nice looking board in itself is enough to get me to look for research and stick it in! I’ve found a text based bibliography  to be uninspiring and something I often add to at one stage then entirely forget about for the rest of the project.

So, with all these things in mind, I’ll start on my research, try to not think about a final outcome (I’ve got enough bloody time to!) and get a good head start on year three.


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    1. Charli Vince says:

      Thank you very much!

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