Stew Gallery Exhibition

Finally visited the exhibition set up in Stew Gallery! Its been a manic week so I’ve only just managed to see it all looking wonderful.

The layout of everything looked amazing, there was such a wide range of images and illustrations, all set out in such a pleasant and clean way. The location was perfect, there was even a darker corner section for the projector showing some brilliant shadow puppetry work. It was all so exciting!

There was also the option to leave products for sale such as prints, labels and cards. I didn’t bring anything along to this sale unfortunately due to time constraints but I did love seeing what others had left. There were some screen printed sketchbooks, excellent prints of people’s personal work, post cards and greetings cards, it was really exciting to see everybody else’s work in the format of something commercial. It was all laid out so beautifully as well, really bringing out the character in the work while not overdoing it with too much ‘clutter’.

I was particularly proud of my little business card holder.

It stood out amongst the rest (not to say the rest weren’t wonderful, just that mine was… well… rather tall).

I noticed a few of the cards had been taken, not as many as I’d have liked but some were gone so some people have my details in their pocket somewhere or on their desk, which is exciting! I’d like to start leaving cards and promotional postcards elsewhere now, try to get my name and my existence out into Norwich a bit more. You never know, someone might need an illustration or two or have a friend who does. Could get work, could be utter radio silence, either way more people will know who I am and what I do, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

My business card holder


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