Random Lady Drawings!

Fancied drawing some ladies lately, so here’s the outcomes!

Really tried to play around with my use of line with this one. I’ve seen numerous exceptional digital artists use the main outline just around the outside of the form which is what I tried with this illustration. It works really well actually! Its allows you to maintain a sense of texture and realism while still containing and framing the form with some sort of outline, just keeping it more subtle! It sort of creates a strange hybrid between realism style digital painting and a more comic book approach. Really like it, definitely going to be using it again.

hindi womanThis one was literally just my burning need to draw some crazy hair one day. Found some wonderful reference for the drawing and took it from there. Really enjoyed creating the texture in the hair. Didn’t even use any custom brushes! Default all the way with this one. Rather proud of that.

(also used the limited line technique again, but instigating it within the form a little bit more… rebel.)

ladyThis is the latest one and definitely my favourite. I combined a lot of reference in this one, a few for the form and a few for the tones (still not used to darker skin tones, but I’m getting there!)

Enjoyed drawing the metallic elements of this one particularly. While constantly reminding myself of the light direction in the drawing I managed to not make shoddy work of the metal which I normally do! Huhrar!

I also remembered that freckles exist. Which is always nice.


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