Year Three Project Ideas. I

Naturally, the ever growing anticipation and horrible dread combination is getting greater and greater as I get nearer to the beginning of the final year of my degree… We start back in early October and I’m going to need to have a moderately solid plan for what direction I want to take my final year in, which is a pretty big decision!

I’ve been keeping an eye on (not stalky at all….) on some of my class mates and what they’ve been thinking about and doing over the summer in terms of their illustration practice. I’ve seen a few put their focus on particular books or artists and basing their projects intentions around that as the main ‘bounce-to’ source. I’ve been looking into this as well but can’t help but feel that a lot of my previous projects have, whether it was pre-set or self written, been targeted at existing media of some kind. I’d ideally love to generate something entirely fresh and based on my own personal observations rather than alternative interpretations of other’s. Which is going to be tricky…

I’d like to avoid doing anything about the local area or people… There’s of course nothing wrong with projects like that when executed well! But I personally find mapping, location or psycho-mapping to be something I struggle to enjoy, despite it’s obvious appeals.

Something I do find interesting, which is related to the idea of having original content/context, is personal attributes of people, like opinions or reactions.
I find that people’s reactions to unnecessarily unpopular things, such as irrational phobias or aspects of life with a negative connotation behind them particularly interesting. I’m personally a huge fan of spiders and often find it really interesting to hear about why a lot of others aren’t. So there’s a possible direction! Arachnophobia!

Perhaps, linking back into the idea of bugs and creepy crawlies, a good juxtaposition is worth investigating…
I’m picturing something along the lines of contrasting the pretty, floral nature of the generic happy imagery with the creepier things in life, the phobias and the crawlies. This could manifest itself in a children’s book, teaching about irrational fears of certain bugs and things. Or maybe a series of postcards or posters for use in a zoo or conservation establishment. I’ve always had a strong feeling that conservation should be as equally spread as possible, unlike the current status of ‘if its cute and fluffy, it’ll get money. If its scaly, buggy, fishy or just not that cute it’ll get next to nothing’. This could include things like spiders, sharks, crocodiles, frogs, poultry/cattle etc. Definitely something I’ll look into more, the idea is sounding more and more appealing as I write about it!

Linking back to the studying of people’s personal responses to stimuli…
The idea of ‘zoning out’ is something very interesting. When people stare into space or go into a bit of a waking comatose, its really interesting to know what they were thinking about or what they physically do when they ‘zone out.’ It could be a good point of study to focus on information and scientific study and trying to manipulate this and manifest it into something visual and unique. I’ve previously done a project on sleep and how the brain responds to this, so the prior research could come in useful when looking at the subconscious state of a person when they, essentially, day dream (but I’m avoiding the word ‘dream’ like the plague… it just screams unoriginalality at this time.)

Those are some rough ideas so far! Over the course of the next few days I’m going to be researching, rethinking and analysing each of them and hopefully finding them branching off into other, better ideas. Wish me luck!


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