First Day of Year Three!

Today was the first day back after the rather long summer holidays (which have disappeared into the ether pretty damn quickly) and I’ve really been looking forward to it!

First things first; the new studio is lovely. With the slightly lower ceilings and smaller space, it feels like more of a community, a bit less daunting even though its year three. So that was a good start! Glynn then gave us a few talks about the studio, BA7 and our research report. Really quite interesting talks, actually. Made some points which definitely resonated with me, like how to start off if you’re in a bit of a rut with idea generation…


This is a photo of my notebook from the talks, he went over the different learning/intake methods for information, like auditory, reading/writing, visual and kinaesthetic. I’m pretty sure I respond better with visual and reading/writing in terms of learning and taking in contextual information, but when looking at techniques and methods of image making (printing, painting styles, software etc…) I’m definitely a kinaesthetic learner. It’s been really useful to take a step back and look at these core ideas, I’m finding the idea of choosing subject matters for BA8 (and narrowing down subject ideas for BA7) far less of a scary thought. Now I’m armed with several different ways to consider ideas and topics, I feel like I can jump in now with more confidence. I have a funny feeling this might make my project ideas and development better as a result; a calmer approach will help me leave my comfort zone a bit more. When I don’t have to use my energy on worrying or getting lost and confused, I can instead focus it on actually making a good, original project!

We also covered the other main elements involved in BA7 & BA8, one of these being the research report, the 1000 word draft of our 5000 (or 10000) word essay for the  year.

We we reminded of the essay structures we had to choose from;

– Industry report
– Extended essay
– Technical report
– Editorial
– Reflective report 

My initial ideas and title plans were bringing me down the ‘extended essay’ route, but I remembered during today’s session how much I enjoyed writing the industry report from year two. I found it easier to write, more interesting to research and felt it aided me more in my development of a professional practice than an extended essay would have. I’m definitely considering going down the industry report route, maybe along the lines of promotional material and how established creatives use the options available to them and how good or bad the consumer/client feedback is from the promotional material. I’ve already managed to get into contact with a few illustrators from the previous industry report, so perhaps contacting them again would be a good idea, as well as trying to get hold of some others.

I’ve recently, within the last year or so, realised the full potential and importance of self promotion and I’ve expanded my reach further than just the odd social network. I have business cards, a website, an account on every website I feel is important to my practice, an online store and a gradually growing client-base, but I really want to know more about how to speed up the process of getting my name out into the world. So with the smoother writing process of the industry report style, my own personal interest in the subject and the practical, useful knowledge that could surface from the research, I think an industry report of this nature could work really well.

Tomorrow we start the ‘Curated Dialogues’ project; group work based around idea generation, development and linking. It should be interesting! I definitely don’t think my project proposal for BA7 is watertight enough quite yet so hopefully tomorrow should be a fruitful endeavour!


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