Website Launch & Promotion

After months of being in its WIP stage, is now launched, live and within its own domain!

Dead happy with how its turned out. It took a lot of tweaking and patience but I really think its looking nice and professional now, while still being rather unique amongst other artist websites.

website 2

Above is my home page header, with links to home, digital (paintings, sketches, photoshop work), traditional (physical paintings, drawings, ink, charcoal, uni work), sketchbooks (scans of ideas, doodles and studies), and of course the self explanatory contact, store and blog (this blog!).

The background image would seem to have accidentally become my brand identity. I recently ordered a further 1000 business cards with the same image on them too, and it features on my Facebook page and Twitter, so no reason to change it now! Also the animal itself works quite well; its a Peacock Mantis Shrimp. As explains:

“They have up to 16 photoreceptors and can see UV, visible and polarised light. In fact, they are the only animals known to detect circularly polarised light, which is when the wave component of light rotates in a circular motion.”

Which in layman’s basically means they can see colours we can’t, which when you look into it is a pretty cool and pretty mind bending concept. And, to further add to the shrimp’s nice close-knit ties with the visual world, it also has the most complex eyes in the entire animal kingdom. I think this guy is a good mascot for an illustrator.

I also finished updating and refreshing my condensed version of my CV (below):

CV mk 3
I still have to finish up the full version which will span over a couple of pages but I’ve found that when artists also provide a snappier, shorter version of their CV I’m a little bit more likely to actually give it a look. I’ve got lots more I need to add and go into detail about in my full CV so I should be getting on that rather soon.

The final bit of self promotion I’ve been working on is the aforementioned delivery of 1000 brand new business cards with a nice new design! Since I finally have my new website domain set up, I can get rid of the link to my Behance page on my business cards and have my own website. I also chose to include my mobile number, something not often done but I find that discussing a project over the phone or on Skype gets the job done a lot faster.

business cards

So now all thats left to do is get people to check out the website, give out 1000 of these business cards and finish up my full un-condensed CV!


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