BA7 Development & Concerns

Well we’re nearing week four of BA7 now and progress has been one of two things; really good and interesting with new ideas outside my comfort zone or really slow, stressful and stagnant…

At the moment, I fear I’m stuck in the latter. I have many ideas hiding in my brain at the moment that emerge every now and then, mostly in the least opportune moments when I don’t have the chance to note them down or the materials to test out the ideas to their full potential. For some reason I’m having a substantial imbalance in my drive, which is high and willing, and my actual ability to act on this drive. My sketchbook is lacking flow and my ideas are feeling more and more stagnant as I move through the project.

I know how I can fix it, but it’s going to take an amount of time which only just fits into the gap between now and deadline, but its worth a try. I’ve shortlisted a list of things which I need to really stretch myself to complete;

  • RESEARCH: Extensive, thorough and from multiple formats/sources. I’ve already completed a few primary research studies from museums and found useful articles and images online but I need to look further afield, investigate other illustrators and visual artists to try and get my brain in gear and get some real inspiration. And more primary research studies/sketches!
  • THUMBNAILS: My sketchbook is looking worryingly bare for this stage in the project. Towards the end of year two I found my ability to generate quick drawings and thumbnails getting much better. I’d previous had a struggle with moving away from only producing polished images and from shying away from 30 second drawings but I got out of practice during the summer break and I’m finding it hard to get back into the habit. Its something I need to work even harder at as we near BA8, it gets more important then than it has been previously.
  • NARROWING OF IDEAS: I really need to start focusing my ideas down to a single format and a small range of animals to illustrate for BA7 (leaving enough to complete the work for BA8). I’m struggling with this as every time I think I’ve found a direction, I come across something else which I think could be a more unique way to take the project, and it carries on much to that affect… So I need to force myself to stop once I come across my final idea and research just around that, otherwise this vicious circle will continue.
  • REFLECTION: I find blogging incredibly useful and it surprises me that I don’t do it more often. This post alone is going to help me hugely in working out where to go next visually. I should make more posts, take more photos and think more critically about what I’m doing.

I’ve been managing to create a few sketchbook pages of development work over the last few days which I feel has a vague direction, but not enough of one. Of course its a bit of a ‘its better than nothing’ moment, its been stressed to be to get all bad and good ideas out of my head and onto paper as soon as I can, but I still feel a bit floaty and lost with the project, especially with the added pressure of the research report draft and studio work deadline looming oh so worryingly…


On a more positive note, however, I am stumbling across articles and videos which spark a bit of the original inspiration I had when I chose the subject area itself. I need to remember why I chose the subject in the first place (an idea Glyn mentioned a while ago on how to get inspiration back) and look through my original project proposal again.

Something has to click, and something has to click soon.


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