Research Report Draft 1

Finally got this first draft of my dissertation done! I finalised the draft of the introduction and generated notes for the structure of the first two chapters. I’ll definitely be adding more to the bibliography as the report goes on but for now I feel I’ve got a decent sized bibliography and a good range in it for a draft.
I’ve read it through a few times and I can safely say that I’m very happy with it thus far! I was really pleased with the feedback and overall mark I received for my last written piece and I’m rather confident with my writing so this aspect of BA7 is definitely going well.

I think to progress with the essay I should look more into the historical elements of my subject. I wrote in the notes for Chapter One that I should give a brief history of scientific illustration to fully set the foundations for the arguments and contexts I’ll be writing about, so its researching time! I have found a few excellent books in the NUA library and the Norwich library about scientific illustration so I’ll be able to fully harness those later on as the report develops.

Dissertation draft

Well… Time to buckle down with some studio work then.

(you can download a PDF of my draft with the link below)

Scientific Illustration Dissertation Draft


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