Final Outcome Ideas

All this worrying and panicking about the final outcome has finally been lulled. 

After a very productive crit with Catrin yesterday afternoon, I feel more confident and relaxed about my ideas relating to final product for BA7. She pointed me back into the direction of the concealed creature experimentation I was conducting (See: ‘Less is More‘ post), I hadn’t realised it potential to work as a two-part promotional campaign!

Below are some examples of how that could work;

The first wave would be the partially hidden version of the final image. Blocks would be exposed, as demonstrated with my spider study, that would hide enough of the animal to conceal what species it actually is but enough for the audience to acknowledge that there was something behind the solid block of colour. I also chose to expose a bit of the type as well, this way the audience will get the impression that the image is incomplete and ‘to be revealed’ as there is clearly something there to be communicated that isn’t yet.

pangolin 4 cover

Then the second wave would reveal the type and the animal in its entirety.
In order for a series of illustration posters to work (each one featuring a different animal) I think I’ll be looking into using a different base colour for each poster to fully differentiate between the concealed version and the full version of each animal, so its clear which one belongs to which. To do this, I reckon I’m going to finally be able to utilise the Colour Scheme Designer online app, something I’ve been wanting to use properly for quite some time!

As for the type, I like how the ultra light serif type I used on the image below works. It doesn’t busy up the image too much and its quite a unique looking typeface, without being too ‘tacky’. However, I have some drafts of hand drawn type done with ink and brush in my sketchbook which I’m planning on scanning in and editing onto the image, seeing how that works.

pangolin 11 cover TYPE

I also made a quick GIF to show the transition between the concealed and revealed versions of the posters…


Below are some investigations into colour scheme and palette. I would like to keep the colours moderately muted, I find that brighter, more saturated colours can distract from the message and the main elements of the image.



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