BA7 Outcomes – Change of Purpose

This project has had some rather significant ups and downs, but one of the main issues I’ve been struggling with has definitely been the format of the final product for BA7. But I finally found a conclusion to this problem the other day! After the critique I had recently, I was shown how well my development work could be applied to promotional material in preparation for BA8. I had numerous illustrations which could be edited and cropped suitably to work on various surfaces and formats, all while my original plan of a series of posters remains.

Below is the overall collection of small format promotional material I’ve created using illustrations from the posters and lino cuts I developed at the beginning of the project.



I really enjoyed creating these as a set, I’ve always had a love for multiple items presented in a ‘pack’ and I’ve wanted to create something similar for quite some time. The tangibility factor added to this enjoyment as well, I’ve finally made something which can be handled and looked at from all angles rather than just a 2D image. I hadn’t tackled this before because of always wanting to create something heavily drawing focussed, I still managed to do this while also creating something a bit more functional.

condor 1

One element I would liked to have improved upon would have been the print quality.
Unfortunately, despite using high quality paper and a decent printer (not my own one…) the block colours around the graphite subjects displayed small lines and imperfections in the ink. The technician informed me that it was a common issue with inkjet printers to do with small indents in the ink heads, which is a shame. This leads me to look into potential screen printing for block colours, then printing over the top of these block colours (not with an inkjet though, that could get messy with oil based ink vs. inkjet printer ink) to avoid imperfections in the colour. Or, to avoid this, I could try outsourcing my printing. This could get costly and would take longer, but could perhaps save me the hassle of screen printing. I’ll investigate that during the build up to BA8 to avoid any more unpleasant surprises.

Despite the issues with the printing, the paper and end product of the promotional material looks pretty decent! I’m especially pleased with the way the Condor illustration (left) was reproduced. The sharpness of the line and the depth of the blacks in the graphite was retained well, I’d say its my favourite out of the three main animal illustrations produced.

I especially like putting things into the archive box. Its sounds superficial but its rather satisfying having coordinating objects, all compiled together neatly into an equally neat box. Something about it feels more finished and more professional. Something to bear in mind for BA8 I think!


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