BA8: People Creepin’

My second project within BA8 is something I honestly didn’t think I could get away with having as a project… I had to double check a few times with tutors to see if it was ok. It’s just something I do in my spare time and have done for quite a while; people creepin’!


In case you’re a normal person and you don’t know what people creepin’ is, it’s basically a term I’ve adopted to mean going out and making sketches and drawings of people from observation. I’ve been going to coffee shops and sitting around in Norwich city centre drawing folk for a good few years now so I honestly didn’t think I could get it to work as a project; but apparently I can!

Feedback from tutors and peers have convinced me that, with the right format and discipline, I can mould this pass time into a successful project and outcome. I’ve been advised to explore my drawing more and relax more into projects rather than strain my efforts and move away from work I’m happy with or enjoy creating. This is a bit of a comfort zone project, in that respect; making sure I maintain my interest and enjoyment in image making alongside the more challenging and less comfortable world of the Ugly Bestiary.

Below are some examples of ‘people creeps’ I’ve done in the past:

II’m really looking forward to seeing how this particular ‘side project’ evolves. I honestly have no idea what form or format the final outcome(s) for this people creepin’ project will take, but this could work to my favour. It’s going to be a project which runs alongside the Bestiary project, something done in my spare time which will gradually build up a body of work good enough to be patched and stitched together into some sort of final product.


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