Pages & Vinyl Stickers

Been reaming these layouts out like a machine lately, they just take so long to do each one!

Each one is made up of three separate illustrations: The skeleton, the fleshed out animal and the pattern sheet to go inside the skeleton. Then comes the meticulous process of clipping the pattern sheet to the skeleton manually (possibly a faster way to do it but this way seems to be the most accurate and cleanest). But the end product is rather nice…

Salamander Skeleton
Skeletal Study
Fleshed out study
Red Pattern
Pattern sheet scanned in

Below are the book spreads I’ve done so far:

salamander_2 salamander_1 rat_2


frog_2.5frog_2  croc_2 croc_1 rat_2 rat_1

I also had my first group crit since the Easter break the other day which came in hugely useful. It’s too late in the project to make any drastic changes to the idea or format, I think everybody understood that, but the feedback I received was incredibly positive, really solidifying my hopeful expectations for the successful outcome of this project. Everybody seemed to like the acetate idea (after I explained it to them of course… initially it was a bit confusing when they were just looking at the spreads) and the drawings themselves, which I’m really pleased about.

I did manage to get a new idea from the crit as well. Chris (tutor) mentioned the use of large scale vinyl stickers in previous exhibitions/end of year shows and this sparked a range of ideas.
I’m considering now getting a floor to ceiling vinyl sticker made of my crocodile skeleton or a simplified version of it to go alongside my other pieces. If this is for some reason not possible, a peer mentioned having smaller ones on the floor, as if they were crawling towards my work. I think my Chinese Giant Salamander would be ideal for this, not only is its shape perfect but I won’t need as huge a resolution as I would for a 6ft crocodile skeleton. I would need to considering how it would misconstrue the scale, however. Chinese Giant Salamanders can grow up to 180cm long, if I print off 20cm long stickers it could create the wrong impression on the viewer of the bestiary. Perhaps a 180cm long sticker or two is doable as well?
I’ll have to check if any of this is possible before getting too into it, but it sounds fun…

I think maybe a mock up of my exhibition layout is in order. To Photoshop!


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