The Ugly Bestiary: SLICE

So, since the beginning of this project I’ve worried about the fact that I can’t really include some of the really key and really important animal and life groups for the simple reason that the main elements of the composition are composed of skeletons… Groups like coral, flora, fungi and invertebrates are really tricky to work into the theme I’ve built up for other vertebrate fauna. I while ago I came up with the idea of having a sister series to run alongside the main bestiary itself, focusing on each animal group separately. This way I could experiment with how coral, flora etc could be represented while in-keeping with the visual theme. I would just create the covers for each smaller book, so I wouldn’t have to spend days creating a series of new illustrations and there skeletal counterparts.

I put this idea aside for a while, assuming that I simply wouldn’t have enough time to create anything new before hand in. But I found time and I made the covers for five groups of animals! Below are the results:








I’m totally in love with how they came out. I also never thought I’d love a serifed typeface until I started to use this one!

My plan for them is to get five blocks of wood cut down to size and painted white so I can wrap some print outs of these around them to use as mock-up books for the exhibition. For hand-in, I think I’ll just present them as flats however.

But, yay! Success!



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