Exhibition Plans

In prep for the end of year show, I’ve drawn up a rough plan for my exhibition space and a postcard design which will be available (for free!) for the duration of the exhibition.

My plan for the exhibition hanging will include:

– Perspex print offs of animal skeletons x 3
– Organic animal bone (preferably femur/humerus, something large scale and basic) painted to be similar to the decorated skeletons inside the bestiary
– The Ugly Bestiary full book, A3 landscape and bound
– The Ugly Bestiary: SLICE books, series of five, A5 portrait. Presented on a shelf underneath the Ugly Bestiary, full version.

The perspex print off of the skeletons will be layered over the top of a heavy paper stock print off of the fleshed out graphite versions of the animals. The perspex will be slightly raised from the paper, around 10 – 15mm, to give a sort of 3D look to the presentation of the cropped animals. It’s going to be expensive… Each print is going to be £40 – £45 including the paper print outs, but I reckon it’ll be worth it. After my last crit ever (*cry*) from the other day, it was mentioned that the price of the hanging of work and production/printing of it should take a back seat when it comes to importance. The work might get bought, or it’ll make a positive impact on it’s audience, either way, I’ll stick in somebody’s mind better if the work is noticeably well produced in an interesting way.

The organic bone – which I’m currently working on sourcing – will be alongside the print-offs. It’ll be hung with four hooks holding it at the top under the ball-socket joint parts and at the bottom for further support. This way very little of the object itself is obscured while keeping it secure.

The full bestiary and The Ugly Bestiary: SLICE series will be presented under the bone (SLICE series isn’t in the mock-up below yet). The shelf will hopefully be long enough to allow audiences and viewers to comfortably read the book and turn through the pages without them hanging off of the edge and damaging the binding. The SLICE series will be basic book cover mock ups, printed out and wrapped around book-sized blocks of wood to allow audiences to see how the books would look were they actually books.

Exhibition Plan

Below are my designs for the postcards I’ll have available for people to take away, as well as my business card.

I’ve been meaning to get some postcards printed for ages now and this seems like the ideal setting to start getting them out to people. The design was.. well.. it was an accident. I accidentally made all the layers visible when designing it and it created this wonderful mess which I think is a nice contrast to the rather minimalist and clean nature of the rest of the work. I’ve ordered 250, hopefully a good chunk of them will be gone by the end of the show!

Postcard design
Postcard Design: Front
Postcard design back
Postcard Design: Back

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