Making the Bestiary – Final Binding!

After the success of the prototype binding I tried on some spare pages I felt much more confident to try out binding the bestiary itself!


Book binding
Armed with my tonne of prints from Hussey and Knights (an amazing print studio by the way, highly recommend their stuff) I reworked the order of them all and got ready for a full day’s binding. I wanted this to be perfect.
Book binding
Everything overlapped so nicely. I spent ages with the print folk getting the measurements perfect to make sure each animal fitted with their skeletal counterpart.
Book binding
More hand destroying bradawling followed.
Book binding
Ended up looking very neat indeed, which I was really pleased with! I also measured 20mm into the book from the gutter/edge and scored down the width of each page. At 300GSM, the paper stock was hefty so I wanted to make sure looking through the book was as easy for the viewer as possible. Too many times have hand bound books been impossible to read with ease because of this problem.
Book Binding
I also did the same scoring along the width of the hardback board, but because of the nature of raw board like this, it became weak and worryingly flimsy.
Book Binding
To resolve this, I glued a strip of binding fabric along the width of the score to reinforce. It worked really well!
Book Binding
After gluing more of the binding fabric along the edge of the bound side (as I did in the prototype) and leaving it to dry, I could get started on the cover. I cut down three pieces of the 2mm thick board to size and glued them to the wonderful orange fabric I bought. Such a good colour…
Book Binding
After waiting for it all to dry, gluing the pages to the spine and first pages of the book to the inside of the hardback cover…. it was done.

I actually did it, I bound a hardback book successfully! No glue everywhere, no rips, no impossible to open bits, it all works and it all looks amazing. I’m so happy with how it turned out. Now I need to get its dustcover printed and the Bestiary will be complete.


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