Lavish Update II

Lavish has been an ongoing project for quite a while but it’s not quite leapt into the finalisation stage yet. But with the looming deadline of the Oddly-Fauna exhibition, I’d love to be able to have copies of it available at the exhibition for the first time, so work on it is picking up. I already have quite a few illustrations for it, and I’m really happy with the way they appear on the pages, but I feel like there needs to be something else, even if it is to just pad it out a little. Below are the page spreads I have so far.

As I said, I’m super happy with how these are working so far. I would be printing the black and white spreads onto some subtly coloured paper; perhaps an off-white or light green. Bright white leaves too much harsh negative space around the illustrations. But after seeing what zines can be and exploring how other artists have pushed the boundaries of the format I really want to see Lavish develop into something a bit more exciting. But it all comes down to the time constraints I’m currently under… I could always release Lavish as it is then further down the line there could be a… Lavish 2.0?

I’d also love to start playing around with the scale and shapes of the pages. I’ve seen many examples of this being done and having a wonderful impact on the tactile nature of the zine as an object. I’ll be hunting around for some nice paper stocks tomorrow.

With so many possibilities and directions this zine could take, I’m really struggling to work out which of the directions to choose. I want something simple, quick, and cheap to produce, but at the same time I want something detailed and full enough to grab the viewers attention and really draw them into wanting to own this tiny little book of animal lineart. Maybe that’s what it’s lacking… something more than lineart. I’ll experiment with block colouring of the animals in Photoshop to see if this is a better alternative to coloured paper stock. I could print the simply coloured beasts onto some off white, relatively thick paper and maybe this will help to fill the seemingly huge amount of white space and add more ‘value’ to the illustrations and the zine.

I’m regularly drawn back to the image above (details of the designers involved can be found here). The amazing colour palette and irregular structure of the zine’s pages would immediately grab my attention were I to see it at an event, as well as the subject matter being something vaguely similar to that of my exhibition (the focus on curiosity and some biological influence). I’m really going to strive to adapt the current zine mock up design to be something more along the lines of this wonderful example. I want it to stand out amongst other emerging zines and illustrators, really be something that, if somebody were to have a clear out, they’d keep. That’s how I judge this sort of stuff. I have a few zines and small books I’ve held back from throwing away or giving to the charity shop, and those few bits are like the triple filtered pieces of inspiration I like to refer back to.

So lots more thumbnails, lots more drawing, lots more photoshopping, and lots more money being spent on paper stock. It’s like uni all over again!


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