Lavish is finished!

After many months of planning a bit here and there, doodling out some thumbnails every now and then and toying with ideas in my head, I’ve finally got myself in gear and finished Lavish; including the printing and binding!

Lavish illustration zine

There’s of course a few bits I’m not so happy about… like the ‘about’ page has some over cropping along the bottom, slicing off the bottom third of some text. And I would have loved to have taken the shape, size and colour of the paper into more exploratory territory as I explored in this post. But time constraints, as per damn usual, leading up to the exhibition have made these things inconsequential next to the fact I have a zine to display at Oddly-Fauna!

The illustrations printed out wonderfully (printing done at a local and brill printers, anybody in Norwich might be interested), the colours are so vibrant and solid, especially on the mantis shrimp page. The text was clear and crisp, the paper stock was just heavy enough and the little handmade sleeve to go over it worked just as well as I’d hoped! The text on the sleeve is hand written with a brush and ink then a dip pen for the lighter text.

I’ve created 15 copies including one without a sleeve for people to flick through at the show. After the exhibition I reckon I’ll redo them, adding more pages, exploring paper stock/shapes and generally making it the multi-dimensional piece of goodness I’d love for it to be one day. But for now, it’s looking lush and I’m pretty pleased with it!

Lavish Illustration Zine

Lavish Illustration Zine

Lavish Illustration Zine

Every beast illustration from the zine will be available as an A4 digital print at the exhibition, any leftovers will be going online for sale as well.


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